“We don’t need anyone to embroider cushions.” Le Corbusier replied to a young woman who came to his studio to ask for work. But Charlotte Perriand was able to earn a chance with the famous architect, and for 10 years she was director of furniture and interior design at Le Corbusier-Jeanneret architects.

Today we show you 3 women who revolutionized the world with their professionalism in the creative field of interior design. They were ahead of their time and transformed architecture through design and the art of decoration. Each and every one of them were great designers in their time and above all great women.

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte thought about the function of furniture in space and loved organic forms. Her furniture is today great figures of modern design, timeless and stylish, but in her time she worked in the shadow of her male colleagues.

Considered the forerunner of modern interior architecture. Or the “art of dressing the house” as she put it. A great example to follow.

Florence Knoll

Interior designer to whom was attributed the American style of the postwar period, the famous mid-century. He was born in Michigan, and trained with some of the best known Bauhaus architects. She married a furniture manufacturer, and together they built one of today’s most recognized companies.

His work as an interior designer has left a great legacy, he has been involved in the optimization of space both in the home and in the office.

Iris Apfel

This last woman is still alive and very much alive. She is a true 95-year-old influencer; dedicated to interior design and a creative woman through and through. She has become a representation of today’s woman: one who simply does whatever she wants.

Art historian graduated in New York, but professional interior designer. She loves the naturalness of her own style. She saw in social networks and new technologies an opportunity to be even more recognized.

Unique, eccentric, baroque, unsuspected, its revolution is in the “more is more”. This American has taught us that there is no age to enjoy decorating, fashion, or life in general. Her best work is herself.

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