Each space reflects who we are

We are the Sergio Nisticò team and we offer our services all over the world.

First of all we are going to introduce you to Sergio Nisticò, an Italian interior designer with international experience and founder of Sergio Nisticò Interior Design in Alicante. He has studied and worked in Italy, Australia, and now Spain. The fact of having worked in different countries has made him a great professional in his sector, learning different concepts and ways of designing spaces. He has also had the opportunity to interact with the Chinese market, participating in projects for international companies. Thanks to this experience, his strong point is conceiving and shaping spaces exactly as clients need for their way of being and living.

As a team at Sergio Nisticò Interior Design we are interior designers of homes, as well as work spaces, for us every detail has to be planned and analyzed to create the perfect living, office or business space, in order to awaken emotions and build lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to bring your dreams to life and help you customize every aspect of your project. We offer a professional and efficient interior design service to make our clients happy, satisfied and proud owners of a work of art.


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