Is it bad to sleep with plants in the bedroom? Surely you have been told that sleeping with plants negatively affects our health, but the reality is that it is one of the most widespread myths about houseplants.

Plants consume oxygen, so far so true, but not in such large quantities as is usually imagined. During the night, plants breathe and release carbon dioxide, and during the day, they absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen.

Having certain plants in the bedroom can be beneficial to your sleep quality. In addition, many of the plants have relaxing aromas, purify toxic environments and sometimes even repel mosquitoes.

Another myth is the belief that has arisen in recent years that heating affects the plants we have in our home. During the winter season, the temperature of homes rises considerably due to the increased use of heaters, but there is no relationship between them and the deterioration of plants.

Indoor heating in homes should never be higher than 25º C, so it is a perfect temperature. It is only if the plants are close to the hot spot that they could be affected.

An important point to deal with in order to know how to take care of a plant is to know the passage of time of the plant and the transplanting to another pot. The most appropriate is that the transplants are to pots of a slightly larger size, taking into account the root system that can reach during growth.

Now that you know all this about indoor plants, you can decorate your home and give it a touch of color and purity.

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