Ter, the youtuber who makes you fall in love with architecture

On the homepage of their website “tercosmicqueen.com” there is a photo. She stands out with her “pop star” style tongue out, aggressive makeup and big green eyes, like the background of the same page.

In her logo a diamond and a crown, in her brief presentation the usual ironic and impetuous style.
“I often talk about myself and the things that worry me at all times, such as the fact that the title of Official State Youtuber does not exist, which is clearly what I deserve.”

We are talking about Ter, one million three hundred thousand followers on her YouTube channel, an exuberant architect who in her videos explains structures as we would all have dreamed of learning anything.
More than a YouTuber, a character with an incredible stage presence, a strong personality and a brilliant observer. Able to go from analyzing Rubens’ paintings to YouTube thumbnails in the same video, talking to us about Gaudí, the Gothic or the evolution of the Correo logo between a joke and a swear word, asking us questions we would never have asked ourselves, giving us answers we would have always wanted and often going completely off topic while still being interesting and original in their reflections.

With an intentionally informal style, but at the same time never banal or superficial, in one of her last videos, she stated: “there are more than a million of us, we deserve an island.”
And so, she went to look for a real island and, after having analyzed it, she built “live” a suggestive launch project for the “Island of Ter”.
To later clarify: “The system of government is that I govern, if you don’t behave well, I exile you. What are we going to export? “Glamour, what questions!”

In the well-known program La Resistencia she was presented as “the only YouTuber with studies.” And there she also showed that she has no difficulty in front of the cameras, quite the opposite.
All the major newspapers have talked about her and through her, from Cosmopolitan to El Confidencial, from the New York Times Style Magazine to El País, from ABC to Platform Arquitectura and including Vogue.
Right here was where she talked about the famous “her theory”: “About Kim Kardashian’s ass and the end of the golden ratio”, a piece that is the perfect summary of Ter’s style.

Ester, in “art” Ter, is 26 years old, lives in Madrid, studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and is simply excellent in both the content and the exhibition. This is why we are sure that interior design lovers will surely appreciate her videos on architecture, design, graphics, style and beauty.
We assure you that it will be time well spent!

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