“Deeds Brewing Taproom”: the incredible design of “Splinter Society” in Melbourne

Located in an authentic industrial building in Glen Iris (Melbourne – Australia), the “Deeds Brewing Taproom” is a multi-sensory immersion in the world of beer and drinks.

The fermentation process takes place in the center of the bar itself, the barrels are placed directly in the room and the work areas are open to the public through windows that give continuity to the project.

Black steel, metal screens, natural wood, leather and visible structural elements are the keys to a decoration that amazes with its elegance and functionality.

All this thanks also to a skillful use of lighting, which gives centrality to the bar, illuminates screens, floral installations and creates a spectacular contrast with the black that predominates in the room.

The architects of this masterpiece of taste and design were the Australians from Splinter Society, a Melbourne architecture and interior design studio founded by Asha Nicholas and Chris Stanley.

According to “Experimenta”, “the proposal of the creative team in charge of the account is understood and built (literally) from the factory’s own elements and symbols. In this way, barrels, coolers, heaters, tanks or foggers are the alpha and omega of a landscape as visually rich as it is original.”

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