Starts in Madrid “Casa Decor 2022”

The 2022 edition of Casa Decor began on April 7.

This is the thirtieth anniversary of the event, taking into account that the first took place in 1992, in the same neighborhood of Salamanca where this edition takes place.
Since then, much progress has been made and today interior design is no longer a topic of interest only to professionals.
After all, the clientele of decorators and interior designers has also expanded: it is no longer a luxury for a few.

Casa Decor is the largest event on the Spanish scene.
For this reason, the 2022 edition is held in one of the most important buildings in Madrid, built in 1920 at 89 Goya Street.
Six floors for a total area of 4,600 m2, which in the coming weeks will host more than fifty exhibition spaces.
The ticket can be purchased online for 20 euros: if you want to pass, you have until May 22.

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