Open Space is, according to the English definition, “a space without any or few dividing walls between the different areas of the house.”

It is a recent trend in interior decoration as it is capable of creating spacious, minimalist, modern and functional spaces, paying special attention to the use of colors, textures and lighting.

It is also important to talk about the advantages of creating Open Spaces, in addition to the different functions that the same space can offer us.

Greater coexistence and comfort: open spaces favor coexistence between the different inhabitants of the house. Above all, by uniting the kitchen with the living room, the place where we share most of our time in daily activities, as well as leisure, arises.

And greater luminosity: in this last factor, it is essential to take into account the use and usefulness of glass and walls of medium height to achieve the feeling of greater spaciousness.

It is also relevant when developing the perfect space to merge luminosity with the use of natural colors and elegant textures, furniture that shows a modern and authentic finish and the protagonist piece of the room. That is, choose a piece that stands out, to achieve a minimalist and modern design.

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