In interior decoration, we call style the way we decorate a space. At the same time, there are different styles, that is, different ways in which we can decorate said space. To do this we take into account guidelines, compositions, textures, colors, architecture and furniture; all of this always in relation to a socio-cultural context that imposes some characteristics of a certain style.

We also apply the psychology of color, since colors have the ability to change the visual characteristics of the space. It depends on how we use them and how we mix them, we can offer a sensation of greater illumination or, on the contrary, give greater darkness according to the client’s needs. In the same way, they can give us a space with greater or lesser amplitude and suggest different textures.

We talk about textures when we refer to sensations that are perceived through touch. Textures also have a lot of power in interior design, adding visual weight and providing greater balance. It is a very important aspect that must be taken into account when designing a space. A big mistake is using flat shapes as it leads to boring rooms.
What we do is use textures that combine contrast and depth in order to create accents. These should always be created with some consideration, because if we include many textures in a single space, it can look overloaded and lose style.

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