A unique event that has revolutionized the panorama of interior design and creative trends in Spain.

Casa Decor is the largest event in Europe, thanks to its magnitude, long duration and relevance in the media. Great professionals, including decorators, interior designers, fine artists and architects, have had the great opportunity to participate, showing their work in an exclusive environment of luxurious decoration.

In its 58 editions, different buildings have been adapted to house the different projects of each professional in participation with numerous companies. Many people have been able to enjoy this milestone, thus turning Casa Decor into a great marketing and communication project.

This event has served for many years to inspire all interior designers. Offering the best trends in rooms, colors, styles, materials and more.

The 2023 edition offers a very varied trend scenario. The different influences of styles coexist in an outbreak of creative freedom that is difficult to fit together.

We can highlight some of the most significant resources in this edition:
Curved and elongated figures continue to be the protagonists in design for years; luxury craftsmanship, production of unique and excellent pieces, with great skill in their preparation; the rise of wall covering, paint with rugged textures and marked volume is used; and the kitchen is the new heart of the house, a space that is becoming more and more important and that becomes a multifunctional place. All modern kitchens have something in common: the island, an element that has the objective of creating unity. between family members.

Some have found their inspiration in the mixture of figures and color patterns, derived from the Memphis style; others in turn take as a reference the neoclassical design of the building, inspired by some Parisian homes.

Technology covers more and more space in homes, in addition to 3D printing, which interior designers use to capture reality.

Wood, as an indispensable material, does not lose prestige as a favorite material for many interior designers when it comes to decorating. Finally we will talk about the color and textures of this latest edition. We break with unicolor effects. It is rooted in degraded or aged tones.

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