Interview with Sergio Nisticò, interior designer in Alicante

The interior designer Sergio Nisticò, currently working in Alicante, was born 33 years ago in Italy, in a city called Catanzaro, in the center of the wonderful region of Calabria.

History and travel lovers will appreciate knowing that it is the peninsula located in the extreme south of Italy, right in the middle of the Mediterranean, in front of the most famous island of Sicily. Calabria was part of an area also known as “Magna Graecia”, as it was the destiny of the Greeks from the VIII BC: a land of art and culture that keeps the deep roots of our civilization since ancient times.


The history of Sergio Nisticò‘s company is the story of growth and a very personal experience: “My work”, Sergio tells us, “was always something more than a job, rather a way of expressing myself and creating, a way of art and, above all, a passion that I have discovered over the years ”.
How? For example traveling and living on the other side of the world: “In Australia”, he explains to us, “I was looking for something new, but in the end I found myself”.

In fact, that’s where the story of his company begins, when he visualizes his goal and, passing through Milan, where he studies to be a designer, finally arrives in Spain, Alicante.

What do I like the most? “Surely”, he answers,”starting a project from scratch, with the maximum freedom of creation: it is the most beautiful opportunity for a designer. But it is much more common for people to ask for reforms: to fix an apartment that they have just bought and want to transform or a place that no longer meets the initial requirements and has revealed habitability problems. In the end, this type of intervention can also be very satisfactory: with a good design you are helping to improve a person’s life”.

Sergio tells us that he became an interior designer through inspiration rather than a rational decision: “It was like a drawing suddenly revealing its meaning: he finally knew what he had to do. Living from what you like is the strongest reason to keep going”.

Sergio, what advice would you give to decorate a space?

I love the minimalist style, so I would surely recommend not thinking that “more is better”: what is elegant with simplicity is elegant in its essence. But it is important to understand what a design transmits to the person who is going to live it every day and how it affects his mood. So, first of all, my advice is: listen not only to the practical but also the psychological demands of the people who ask for your help.

How do you proceed to project a space?

As I said, it is essential not to think about what you like or what your preferences would, but about what is necessary and what the client likes. The dialogue with the client is the most important part of this work and, at the same time, it save time in the design and in its modifications. This moment clarifies everything you will have to do next and how to prepare the design, putting you completely in its place. It is like collecting data to carry out an investigation. “What would I like if I were the customer?” This is the question that we have to answer through every decision we make.

What is the average price of an interior design service?

Of course, the price of the interior decoration service changes from project to project, since there are never two exactly identical projects.
In this profession, people usually work by square meters and the price can vary from 10 euros to 30 euros per square meter.

What problems can be avoided hiring an interior designer?

Many problems are saved, such as wasteful spending of moneyunnecessary purchases, unused or poorly used spaces, the devaluation of an apartment, not enjoying (the potential) of your own home due to a poorly made layout or organization approximate, not being able to sell your apartment at a higher price. But, what is very important for many people, you can avoid spending time behind the work, hiring someone who, punctually and professionally, follows the work for you, being your voice and your eyes.

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