Design and furniture: the trends of 2021

Today we are going shopping and we end 2020 with some suggestions in case you want to bring a touch of novelty to your home for the new year that begins.
This is why we are going to take a look at the 2021 trends according to PortobelloStreet.

A “must have” this year is surely the vintage sofa. In this case we propose two alternatives. The first, the one we prefer, is the “Mayfair chester sofa” in aged patinated leather. It is clearly a sofa for those who love the vintage style and it does not look good in any living room. We are talking about a furniture made of solid pine wood and with beech wood legs. With a width of 180cm, this sofa costs 3465 euros, but it is also available from 110cm to 2363 euros (in both cases height 75cm and depth 95cm).

If your style is miminal, surely you would like to have at home a double chaise longue sofa “Giorgio” with a solid pine wood frame and seat suspension with cinched zamudio springs. With its four meters wide and 2 and 40 meters deep, this sofa is robust, stable, cozy and comfortable, that is, everything you can ask a sofa for 4,987 euros (3,997 euros if you decide to provide your own fabric).

If your priority is comfort, there is no doubt that it would be very useful to add a coffee table with a lifting top to your living room. This one that we propose is an “Oxford design table” in walnut veneered MDF wood, double chrome plated metal legs. Its normal height is 35cm but it can quickly reach 61cm: a very useful double function, especially if, next to or in front of your sofa, you usually have chairs or armchairs. The table will be the necessary support to have a drink with friends but also, lifting it, can become your favorite place to have breakfast. It clearly looks good in a room where it is modern in style with similar colors.

wood and a lot of steel and glass for the “Cattelan nesting glass coffee table“. Furthermore, Cattelan’s is a company with a lot of history. Founded in 1979 in Thiene by Giorgio, a small town near Vicenza in Italy, the furniture tradition is in his family’s blood, with a carpenter father and five of six brothers involved in it. It is a table that is both aggressive and elegant, which could look good especially in the 49x49cm design, which also corresponds to the most convenient price to choose from (631 euros).

The next product is another Cattelan product. A round glass table with a solid canaletto walnut or smoked oak painted walnut base. Also in this case we recommend the cheaper version of 968 euros high 38cm with a diameter of 80cm. But if you need more space, with little more (1062 and 1172 euros) you can get up to a diameter of 100 and 120 cm.

If you want an unequivocally minimal table, then we recommend the “Voila Bonaldo coffee table” in 3mm painted sheet (489 euros).
It is a table with a minimalist geometric style, elegant, balanced but with a strong personality, made by Bonaldo, another historical Italian company that was born in 1936 in Padua, a city in the wonderful Veneto region.

If we had to choose a dining table, then we would return to Cattelan and its Gordon glass dining table with a transparent varnished steel base, titanium, white, black or graphite embossed and a 15mm thick extra-clear tempered glass top. The measures of this dining table range from 1.82 meters wide to 2 meters, ideal for 8/10 people and with a price that starts at 1459 euros.

We conclude this round of purchase by leaving our “living room” to find a vintage object par excellence, something without a doubt peculiar: a Motley Kare footboard for 219 euros made of beech wood and cotton, 61cm high, 110cm wide and 40cm deep. Its chromatic range guarantees light and vivacity, its design is elegant, classic, timeless. Ideal to give a touch of originality to your bedroom.

See you in 2021 for other tips and happy New Year!

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