If we talk about a home bathroom, we are referring to the place that induces calm, inspiration and both physical and emotional comfort. Nowadays, it is a stay that is becoming more and more important; We dedicate time to our hygiene and health, but also to our peace and relaxation; That is why they are increasingly being developed and greater importance is given to small details such as colors, lighting and of course to the intelligent technology that takes this room beyond comfort.

Wood continues to be one of the star materials.

Elegance through the use of marble both on walls and in bathtubs and sinks. This finish offers a modern touch, with warm lights.

The combination between black and gold is the order of the day, with dark marble and classic-style gold taps, recovering elements from the past. The color gold is synonymous with luxury and elegance, but using it in excess can generate the opposite desire. It is more appropriate to focus on the details: taps, mirror frame, the finish of the furniture, or the different accessories.

But above all, organic shapes triumph, very naturalized materials, exclusive design, in short very sophisticated styles are the key to achieving the perfect bathroom.

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