Why you need an interior designer

Have you bought a house and now you have to furnish it? Do you want to refurbish your apartment?

To achieve the best results, it is better not to do everything by yourselfyou would risk wasting time and money, without getting what you wanted. The interior designer, in this case, is exactly what you need.


Not only he’s gonna choose accessories, colours and objects to fill the spaces. The interior designer creates spaces, designs solutions and focuses on the visual and functional experience.

He is the person who responds to the need of transforming your house into a “final product”. He also follows the work for you, freeing you from a task that would cost you so much time and resources.

Finally, the interior designer puts an end to the stress of looking for and checking on and coordinating suppliers, artisans, carpenters, solving any problems during the work.

Thanks to his skills and knowledge of products, materials and the most advanced technical solutions, he can put all the attention to detail that you are looking for.


Compared to the decorator, the interior designer represents an evolution, with higher specialization and wider skills.

Compared to the architect, he got a complementary role. If the architect designs the structure, the interior designer takes care of giving it shape and content.

Although the figure of the architect has been adapting to market demands and interior decoration, his task is usually limited to the design and construction (or renovation) of a building and the related bureaucratic aspects. His task generally ends where starts the house designer’s one.

This is why, if you do not need to make significant structural changes, the most suitable figure is in this case the interior designer. He’s a professional constantly updated on the use of materials and spaces, catalogues and price lists and can offer you a much wider range of solutions.

After all, if there is a way to make sure that everything will be all right, it is to entrust the right job to the right person!

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