The approaching winter forces us to change our look even in the home environment.
And, for the first time, Mango could be an option to renovate your bedroom.
After Zara, in fact, the Spanish brand Mango, related until now only to the world of clothing, has launched its first collection of household items.

Inaugurated in April with products for the bedroom, living room and bathroom, the collection was enriched in early summer with kitchen and dining room items.
So this winter, for a change, you could consider Mango for your seasonal purchases.
Including Christmas decorations.

Take a look at the website, which is currently the collection’s main shopping channel.
We start, in spring, with typically Mediterranean-style colors, chosen to emphasize the origins of the “brand”.
But it is undeniable that, with the cold season, decidedly more austere and Nordic colors have been reached.
If before blue predominated, now brown predominates.

However, there remains a specific desire to keep production as sustainable as possible.
The 80% of the products, in fact, are manufactured in Spain or in neighboring countries, while 75% of the fabrics are made with linen and cotton following sustainable production processes, as guaranteed by Mango.
An obligation these days to be truly “cool”.

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