Living in a 16th century church

Would you like to live in a church?
Wait! We are not proposing you to become a priest.
But you could do like Tas Careaga Irazabal.

Tas is a designer who, a few years ago, decided to buy a ruined church from the 16th century, renovate it and turn it into his home. So today Tas lives here, in the Las Barrietas neighborhood of the municipality of Sopuerta in the Basque Country.

His adventure began with a call.
On the other end of the phone was Carlos Garmendia, an architect who today shares the studio “Garmendia & Cordero” with Álvaro Cordero Iturregui.
He was the one with whom Tas Careaga worked side by side to realize his dream.

“We put a lot of effort into maintaining the remains of the church as we found them, doing only what was essential so that, once our work was finished, the building could continue telling all the history it contained,” the architect tells the newspaper “El País.” “.
“The client always has a primary role in any project,” continues Garmendia, “but, in this case, it was even greater. Tas’s creative concerns, along with his passion for creating any artifact with his hands, made contact throughout the process continuous and uninterrupted.”
And so, they assure us, it remains.

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