How to become an Interior Designer?

You have probably asked yourself more than once, out of curiosity or for personal interest: how could I become an interior designer?

There are several possibilities today to become interior designers. But it is good to point out immediately that a professional is always endowed with a valid title on the territory in which he operates. In fact, when we talk about design, as we saw in our previous articlewe are not talking about decoration only.


Obviously, as happened until a few years ago, an architecture degree can pave the way for a career in interior design, not to mention the degree courses that provide a specific address to operate in this sector. But today this is no longer the only way.

In fact, in addition to the Design Schools, there are now many entities, including private ones, that have all the credentials to provide you with the qualification and skills necessary to enter this world, through specialized courses and masters, certainly suitable for those who have ideas clear and wants to focus precisely on interior design.


To be a designer, in any case, passion, good taste and talent are an excellent way to start but they are not enough. That’s why, alongside the design, among the subjects to be addressed, there is also the study of:

  • systems
  • materials
  • technological solutions related to furniture
  • bio-architecture elements
  • lighting techniques
  • history of design and its various trends
  • design software.

For example, the designer, in addition to the aesthetic aspect and comfort, also has the duty to evaluate the quality of the materials to be used, the acoustic impact, the energy costs, the eventual removal of architectural barriers, the efficiency spaces, compliance with regulations, the right sizing of the furniture and therefore needs to offer highly customized solutions.


Personally, I decided to dedicate myself to Interior Design after realizing that I was wasting time with a job that did not meet my needs. Passion and desire to create were the first engine to start.

I had the opportunity to take a sabbatical year, I traveled across three continents, knowing very different cultures and, on returning from my trip, I focused on my goal.

So, I returned to Italy, precisely in Milan, the capital of design and right there I attended a Master in Interior Design organized by the Italian Design Institute. So I had the opportunity to discover all the theory that was hidden behind the seemingly simple concept of design, the opportunity to learn a professional method, to study and to finally be able to create a real 3D project (which is only the result of a maturation process).

At that point, determination began necessary, to keep walking in the right direction and not to stop, above all not to be discouraged. So you need a lot of self-confidence but also a lot of study. The imperative is to update, always.

I finished the course at IDI in 2014 and, at that point, the most difficult moment arrived: concretize!


I developed the first projects by comparing myself with students and teachers, all very helpful: humility, especially at the beginning, must and cannot be missing, because they are the only way to correct you and become a true professional. The next step, if your idea is to work on your own, is the search for the clients.

It is an hard job and that’s why this is the moment when you could give up: if you are convinced you can do your job, don’t do it!It will be hard at first, but then everything will become easier.


This is how, sometimes working for free just to let people know me, I managed to create a respectable customer portfolio and I launched my website. Today I work in the whole province of Alicante, Spain, and thanks to the internet, I have had the opportunity on several occasions to serve extra-European markets, starting with the rapidly expanding Chinese one.

My tools? Certainly computer and graphics tablet, but I assure you that there is no lack of classic paper, pencil and eraser.

What does being a designer mean to me? Shaping an idea, forcing it to manifest itself to communicate something to anyone who observes. Basically, it’s like being an artisan who has an idea as the main raw material.


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