What is garden design?

Have you bought a house with a patio or an open space? Garden design will help you.

A good design for a garden, in fact, has the ability to significantly expand the functionality of your home, adding comforts that it would not be possible to have indoors.

The risk you will avoid hiring a garden desing is to waste an important part of your available space, limiting the function of this area or making it a deposit of junk and objects that cannot be in the house. In both cases, you will have missed the opportunity to give value to your new real estate investment and to simplify your life.


It is deceptive to think that there is nothing to plan in a garden and it is extremely inconvenient, from an economic, aesthetic and functional point of view, to underestimate this aspect. The garden is an essential part of the house and a good interior designer, with the skills necessary to intervene in this field, can be very helpful in getting the best out of it.

The garden is not the “wild” part of the house. Born to respond to food support needs, the garden embodies the idea of ​​confined land, that is exactly the opposite of uncultivated land. As in the act of founding a city, the garden is that portion of land that represents the encounter between nature and man. What makes a garden is human intervention; that act of appropriation aimed at giving a function to a portion of land.


The project starts by a decision-making process in which the designer has the important role of “consultant”, a mediator between the requests of the property and the technical aspects.

The geographic context necessarily influences the choice of any plants or even trees to be “installed”. Growing climbing herbs requires attention to the details. The presence of neighboring houses, a more or less noisy street, more or less crowded, a panorama to be enhanced or an intimacy to be protected, are other elements to be taken into consideration in the design. And of course it is necessary to evaluate the maintenance required by possible planting as much as the presence of children or pets.

All aspects that a good designer will be ready to remind you, helping you choosing and suggesting the solutions suitable for your idea.

Putting your garden in the hands of a garden designer is like putting your wedding in the hands of a good wedding planner, your car in the hands of a good mechanic, your health in the hands of a good doctor: it will help you enhance every corner.


The organization of the space proceeds by taking into consideration a great variety of solutions that the garden allows to adopt, giving more or less space to:

  • vegetation
  • mineral elements
  • fixed and mobile furnishings
  • fountains or irrigation systems
  • swimming pools and whirlpools
  • play spaces
  • workstations
  • lighting or sound diffusion systems
  • air conditioning systems (which therefore take into consideration, in addition to the geographical context, also the exposure of the garden to the sun, humidity, wind, etc.)
  • coverings.

Soil is essential and here too the relationship with vegetation plays a fundamental role: giving or not centrality to green, creating special sensorial or visual paths, the choice of materials and colors will have a strong impact on the final design.

Not to mention the practical aspect: a garden, very often, can be very useful for storing bulky materials and tools. This is why this function must also be provided to avoid obstacles and not compromise the project aesthetically and functionally.


The garden is a space that can bring significant added benefits to your home, both from an aesthetic and a health point of view, as well as from a productivity point of view. So, if you have made an investment, don’t forget to take care of it in every aspect.

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