Art and design fusion in a 19th century italian residence

Imagine a building from the 19th century.
Now imagine having it at your complete disposal for an extraordinary art and design experiment. Not bad, right?

Giorgio Baroni will surely agree with you. Because indeed, as Marie Claire tells us, it was he who had the opportunity to transform a residence in the historic center of Brescia (Italy) into an explosion of colors, elegance in design and artistic taste.


Thanks to a passionate collector, owner of the noble palace, the building already kept authentic works of art inside. Now they are joined by newcomers and a reform that revolutionized its style.
The result was unmatched, as shown in the photographs taken by Baroni himself, who worked on the project in collaboration with interior designer Cristina Selleri.


“A year ago, at an opening at the Gare 82 gallery in Brescia, I met a well-known collector who invited me to do a report on her house in the 19th century family building in the historic center of the city. A fascinating place, but that it needed a remodel, which the lady entrusted to me”, says Baroni, who thus combined his passion for photography with that of furniture.

We have kept only the most precious of the pre-existing furniture, combining it with signature pieces”, continues Baroni. The same, as we said, for works of art. Although it was obviously decided not to intervene on the original parquet floor and, of course, on the liberty style “fresco” of the living room.
“A new stylistic code in the name of a modern noble grace“, Elena Luraghi comments in the prestigious magazine Marie Claire.

In the first photo, in particular, we appreciate a sculpture by the Brescian artist Stefano Bombardieri on a Louis XVI table. While, in the second, thanks to a broader perspective, we observe the context in which the different elements have been inserted.

There is a large canvas of Bombardieri himself on the right, the beautiful Verner Panton chairs on the left, a beautiful – as always, very original in shape – Selce carpet designed by Studio Salaris and finally on the left Mario Schifano’s pop art.

For the living room (third photo), the choice fell on the sofas designed by Gianfranco Frattina for Cassina, an anodized aluminum sculpture by Anna Coccoli, a black and white canvas by Dorothy Bhawl on the front wall, surrounded by paintings by Eugenio Carmi.

In the following photo, between the two chairs by Cristina Selleri, we find a ceramic by AnnaLeaClelia Tunesi, crowned by a Sweet 97 mirror by Gervasoni, designed by Paola Navone.

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