Is there a difference between modern and contemporary style?

Have you ever tried searching the internet for the differences between modern and contemporary style? Please try it! As in many other cases, you will find a series of articles, identical with each other, all wisely starting from the same premise. All repeating that modern style and contemporary style, despite being often used as synonyms, are actually quite different things. Great! So what are these differences? At that point, the discourse always becomes dialectical, abstract, speculative.
Words that run one after another, without no much meaning. Because, there is no one who can seriously and clearly explain the difference between modern and contemporary.


You know why? Because contemporary style is nothing more than an evolution of modern style. We cannot speak of the “differences” between the two styles as if they were two opposite and parallel worlds. These two imaginary lines are not parallel. They largely overlap. The differences are not so deep, the boundaries are blurred, the similarities are many. Precisely because is about evolution.

Modern style, as they rightly tell you, is a definition that now spans more than a century. A century of changes in design and architecture, which start from a premise: functional furniture, rationalization of spaces, abandonment of the baroque, simple lines, technology and comfort that little by little make their way, the modern materials, a certain minimal trend.
It is no coincidence that the minimalist style, which we have already discussed, focuses on this particular aspect of modern style. And today this same style can be found fused with advanced high technology, with home automation that conquers interior design.

Contemporary style is all that is happening. You cannot give a precise definition to something that is still in motion, that is not historicized, that has not yet cut the umbilical cord with the style from which it came. More than anything, it stands out for a greater degree of innovation, a more updated design, an inevitable eclecticism, the search for originality. Because contemporary style is precisely that: research. His personality is evolving and we must not make the mistake of labeling everything, of categorizing everything, of exaggerating with classifications.

The industrial style (despite being modern itself) is visibly different from a modern style or a mediterranean style. It is more difficult to rule out that a minimal design is not contemporary at the same time and, obviously, modern.

So what we wanted to convey to you today is this: rigid schemas never adapt to reality! For this reason, we certainly won’t be the ones to fill your head with artificial schemes about the rules to follow to furnish your home in a contemporary style. You already have the coordinates you need: now research, invent and innovate!

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