Lots of ideas and, above all, lots of expert voices in the latest article by Julia Weaver for the prestigious American blog Apartment Guide.

The proposed solutions are different and ingenious, all brought together to answer a question that is often essential in the design process: saving space, or rather, making the most of it.

Among these voices, as you have the opportunity to discover, there is also us from Sergio Nisticò Interior Design who, faithful to our style, have underlined the importance of the minimalist choice, the perfect combination between utility and aesthetics.

“From smart storage solutions to strategic furniture arrangements, coping with limited surfaces requires creativity and ingenuity,” emphasizes Weaver.

Emer Gillespie, in fact, recalls the potential of taking advantage of often overlooked spaces, such as under stairs or other residual spaces, by means of fitted and tailored furniture that allows, at the same time, to avoid unsightly elements and optimize the layout.

Jackie Williams suggests using furniture that has more than one function; David King admits that carefully considering furniture size is often an underrated exercise, leading to the purchase of unnecessarily large products.

In this regard, Denise Allan, adopts the technique of vertical spaces as a preferred method to save “floor”. Jacqueline Chen affirms the importance of similar colors to contribute to the illusion of more space. In addition, our Sergio Nisticò also explains in the article the importance of the color scheme, in addition to preferring the minimalist approach also in the decoration of the walls to lighten the environment.

All in all, a long but interesting list of tips that is definitely worth reading.

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