Art and music in our new Alicante showroom

Not only interior design: our project is now expanding.
On the 27th of June, our interior design studio in Alicante opened its doors as a space for events of cultural interest.
After so many years of work in the sector, the intention to expand our offer was finally realised with “Dreamscapes”, a painting exhibition with the artist Ralf Majewska, accompanied by live music by Sara Olmi and Tiziano Rubino.
And the success of the initiative confirmed that we are on the right track.




A painter and sculptor whose works have travelled around the world, Ralf Majewska began his career in the 1970s, when he started to exhibit his works in cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Brussels, Johannesburg, Budapest, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Monaco, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and, incidentally, in Bonn, the artist’s chosen city.

On the occasion of “Dreamscapes”, we have had the privilege to meet him and to choose a selection of his paintings which, last Thursday, coinciding with the final celebrations of the Hogueras 2024 in Alicante, have conquered our clients, friends and collaborators.




“Dreamscapes”, which allowed us to officially welcome many people who were not yet familiar with our showroom, was certainly a great start in view of our future projects.
The idea, in fact, is to continue to propose events of cultural interest, especially related to the interior design sector.
Initiatives that, together with our blog, distinguish us for wanting to be, first and foremost, a centre for the development of ideas.






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